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Jay J. Jr.


Jay J. Jr.

reflex my heart apart a gentle tortured alienated start to a dreaded funfilled lifestyle
change and rearrange the strange derange thoughts into semi reactions to actions in my
mind find litter the gentle cosmic polymatic static observance ov red nailz glitter fit her
into my lifestyle semi despotic changling into me and see and be and free free free to
agree with other lost souls resort retort sport my pimpin flashy lantern grill teeth a shade
ov tan yellow spasmic bits ov less then equal sumz ov the whole nothing brought together
into a single cell band stand alone fight a lie stand free free free and see me sifting
desert sandals on an outhouse stance in a beachhead front in back ov tha bus ride straight jacket
to hell and back a knack for chatter patter filler will her to hold my hand print forever
etched in a saturnyne ranch dressing messing missing yoo now like the dessert missed the
fat lady singing in the closed dead end tower ov the almighty doller sand bill shiftin my life
around a face less filled with desire enquire want to snow stop the snow job platter
number 6 and 9 the cosmetic sign ov the fool rule road house world weary real fake DIY
intro slow mo fast rowing down the english patient patience to watch a book read by a
movie studio rodeo clown around hound ov the bastard villa bob sob story wench grinch who
stole my last role best landed in my back porch light off dont scoff dont cough gentle
sneeze caught a light breez in my shower sink blink desire your other worldy yin for yang
rang the bell boy hat spat upon by monster brat man and robin layed the golden eggnog salad
toast roast host a year long party ov an open wound closed for summer reopend in the
winter tyme shelter ov anuther love lifestyle funfilled dreaded to start alienated tortured
gentle an apart heart my reflex ended . . .

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