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Jay J. Jr.


Jay J. Jr.

infantcide denied tha ride beside you lied scant rest for a life less lost a cost to much a payment due you true blue askew asunder anuther view ov genocide passwerd denied abide by tha rule ov thumb act dumb forever numb in the right hand lock pick stick in the battle cry song eye long to dream ov a gentle scream in the midnight air raid siren call a ball ov hot wax relax acts like he knows dont know wont know cant know wont snow down a mountain ov shame to blame to lame to compromise my thirst ov lifeless bodieless faceless loveless wanders in a wunderful landscape ov shadow and night skies blur into cold nights dawn onto winter days drawn to a long close chose the path ov least degree ov shelter frum the falling reign ov nightmares cried into my swollen soul a gust ov wind chimes into sun soft against my dead skin grafted onto my naked skull fracture fractured broken split spit hit me again eye like it love it need it to feel sumthing uther than myself to feel yoo inside the dry heat cold desert grayness ov living with sumone you knew know knot and tie me up against a tree leave me be see me believ in you eye too am true to my single thought process ov who eye am waz and never agian will eye be me and see your tears swell into my finger drip dropping onto an ant hill mole dug deep into the back ov my mind field explosions ov granduer and filth and death and plague and war and famine live by my rules now and forever more do eye feel the scorch cut deep neat and tightly packed into a husk ov lust and dusted off with a splintered broom handle carved into tiny thoughts and actions and factions and subtractions ov memory erased replaced disgraced and you know now what eye waz not a single solitary thought... ---^v^v^v^v^--@---)------^v^v^v^v^---

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