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Lauren Armstrong

eternal dream

Lauren Armstrong


o vial, loathsome inhuman being!

life flows over stones. deep red that dries into flat maroon, quickly developing cracks that
spider like the surface of a flat desert after rain.

tom! tom! tom!

savagery takes the form of a hollow log and stretched skin. a vibration felt from above and
below, invoking convulsions. wild gyrations break the monotony of the church
shrill animalistic cries rooted in the core of the earth announce His arrival. the deer covers
His head, wit five points from His horns. no savior on a stick with a promise of future return.
a promise that defines faith. He is ever present with the rise and fall of each day.
dancing, chanting, increased rhythm that leaves no option. grabbing your feet, spreading
throughout your body with the climax of

behind the blue veil the sweet taste of sweat colors the roof of my mouth. through watching
eyes I again become a statue. this was chosen by breaking the cyclical aspect of life and the
creation of a dichotomy.
against the wind I walk, and I find myself in the reflection of a rock.

the thick fog veils a accumulation of…

the little knives that cut into me and force paths of saline…

is it defiance or desire that is forced inside me. forcing my legs apart and thrusting with a
rusty blade. torn out of my chest, beauty lay next to me. I lay, cut from the inside with "the
infernal bridegroom" written on my hand.

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